Swings have been around for decades. They are such a simple contraption yet give so much pleasure and entertainment to kids and adults around the world. That’s why nowadays it is almost impossible to imagine a park without one of these and we can say that swings have become a staple for many public parks and school playgrounds. 

But, have you ever wondered how old the swing really is? And who invented it? Who can we call the creator of swings and thank them for all the joy we and all the kids around the world have? And, the truth may not be as simple as you may think.


The main thing why no one really knows who invented the swing is because – there really isn’t anyone. Humans are in their nature, very primitive beings. And it isn’t hard to know those primitive humans since they didn’t have PCs and the Internet, needed to find a way to entertain themselves. Sure, they could hit a rock and play football or chase each other and play “tag”. But, the real thing was to hang from a wine off of big trees and – swing.

And just like that, the first swings were made. But, if you want to pinpoint an exact moment in time where the swing is first mentioned, that would be somewhere in the 5th century B.C. in ancient Greece. Scientists have found ancient vases that have images of people on swings engraved into them. So, if we could pinpoint who were the fathers of the modern swing, that would be primitive people. Or the Greeks. You get the riddle. Truth is, we can’t really say with 100% accuracy who is the creator of the modern swing. The important thing is that it was created, and thankfully, it still exists.

Modern Swings

If you look at primitive swings or the ones Greeks used, you can notice that they are virtually the same as the modern ones. It’s basically a variation of a rope that is tied somewhere high, which you can grab and swing. And the concept can’t really change too much. And it shouldn’t. The adrenaline rush swinging gives you is the same as it used to be and it isn’t like swings are rocket science – you can’t really change the way they work. 

So, as said, swings are entertaining. Period. Admit it, even you couldn’t resist a temptation sometimes to swing for a few times when no one would look. Yes, we are looking at you, John. 

Kids love swings. And toddlers as well. And swing manufacturers have realized this so nowadays you have a whole palette of different swings available. And since most swings are placed outside and in parks, they realized the world is missing portable swings. The ones you could place outdoors and indoors. You can check more about those in a different article

One more exciting thing about swings is that, besides being entertaining, they can be very educational too. Your kid can learn a lot about gravity from it and a few things about the physics of motion. The way they work is by converting potential energy to kinetic energy. When you pull up the swing and release it, you create potential energy. When you pull your feet off the ground the potential energy is converted into kinetic energy and that’s what gives you a speed boost. 

One more thing to know about it is that opposing forces like gravity and friction slow the swing down. So, if you don’t add more energy to it, you will stop swinging. You can prevent this by swinging your feet upwards or if someone gives you a push. Pumping your legs lets you swing more and higher which you need to be aware of and explain to your kid since overdoing it may be scary for them. Or they could even make a 360 turn which is something we really want to avoid. 

Make The Most Out Of Swings

We are pretty sure you learned a bunch of cool and useful information from this article. Still, don’t let the swing just be entertainment for you and your kid. Use it to learn new things! Sure, it’s meant to put a smile on your face, but if you can give your kid some valuable lessons with the help of it, why not? As a matter of fact, we are pretty certain that’s how Greeks and primal people discovered the laws of physics. Just with the help of a single swing. Or maybe not.