Which is better for a baby, the Munchkin Baby Swing or the Mamaroo? Both swings have their pros and cons, but one may be a better fit for your family. Here’s a breakdown of how each swing works and what you can expect from each one.

Munchkin Baby Swing vs Mamaroo: Key Differences

  • Munchkin baby swing is significantly cheaper than Mamaroo, almost half the price of Mamaroo
  • – Munchkin baby swing has 2 different speed settings, Mamaroo has 5 different speed settings
  • -Munchkin Baby Swing Munchkin’s baby swing is simple and affordable. You can either plug it in or use batteries to power the motor while Mamaroo uses an AC adapter to stay powered.
  • -Munchkin’s baby swing also has soothing vibrations, but they don’t have any swinging or playing while Mamaroo can play music, sounds, talk, white noise and even has the option to remove the mobile for older babies.
  • -Munchkin also only swings in two directions while Mamaroo is capable of swinging in all 6 different speeds.
  • -Mamaroo is easily transportable due to its folding frame is less portable
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