Each and every inch of this KidCo swaddle swing has been made with your little one in mind. It is affordable, durable, eminent and good looking.

It is safe and secure for the little one. The lightweight design is ultra-portable as it is designed to ensure that your travel is stress-free. As a matter of fact, it fits perfectly in the diaper bag or simply in a backpack.

Unlike in other constructions in the market, it has been proved to calm a baby who may be in mild pain.

KidCo Swingpod Infant Portable Swaddle Swing Review/ 5 Major Features


Traveling with a baby is very challenging. This becomes even more challenging in situations where you have to carry their belongings such as a baby chair or a swing along.

Swaddle swing is however designed to ensure that your travels are hustle free. The compressible design folds flat to fit in the baby’s diaper bag. It is also ultra-light which adds onto its portability.

The swaddle straps on this classy bag complement portability as well. This is because it is very easy to carry the baby.

To crown it all, it calms fussy babies including the babies who may be having colic. This means that you will no longer have to leave them behind when traveling as this swaddle swing takes care of this.

Flawless soother

Soothing a baby can be a weary and demanding task especially in cases where the baby is unwell as this will mean soothing them for so long before they get some sleep.

As a matter of fact, the unwell baby will not sleep for long before they get up again. On the other hand, some babies are generally restless depending on their personalities.

However, this ergonomic design solves it all!  With the swaddle blanket, it soothes the baby flawlessly and has proved to calm a baby that has colic. Exclusive to this elegant design is a portable baby changing pad which makes your travel easy and hustle free.

Safe and Secure

The situation of a baby falling is unheard of. Actually, however much you explain the reason as to why the baby fell, it will always be seen as carelessness.

This is because it causes so much damage since the bone structure of the little one is still very delicate. This infant portable swaddle swing, however, solves it all. It has an ergonomic swaddle strap which ensures that the infant is held securely all the time.

This is complemented by patents in the swing which are also aimed at ensuring that the baby is safe. With this secure design, the probability of a baby slipping is zero.

Good-looking and affordable

Being the leading swaddle swing in the market today, the elegant swaddle swing still takes care of your finances. As a matter of fact, it is the best swing that you will get in the market today with all these outstanding parameters at such a fair price.

Though its price might be a little bit higher, you are fully assured that it is worth the price. Its durability does not sacrifice its good look. The swaddle swing is good-looking and is unisex as it comes in a neutral color.

This implies that it will be a perfect gift for any mother regardless of the gender of the baby. This makes making an order even easier as you do not have to be too specific about the color. The good-looking design is actually a flashy touch in every home with a baby.

Durability and convenience

The Swaddle is one that you can rely on all the time. As earlier cited, the solid construction has proved to be colic cure making it a perfect investment for all people with kids.

The expedient swaddle swing is one that will ideally serve you whether it is a day out, a visit to a friend or even in your own house.

The durability of this sturdy construction is unmatched. It is made of pure cotton and poly blend fabric ensuring that it will serve you for as long as you need it without disappointments.

Why should you use KidCo Swingpod Infant Portable Swaddle Swing?

Easy to carry

The product makes traveling with the baby very easy. It is portable as indicated above. You can easily move with it and use it wherever you wish. The product makes work easier for


I think this product is reasonably priced considering the kind of features and services it offers. It is absolutely efficient and guarantees convenience, consistency, and durability at an effective price.


Using the swaddle strap is a safe way of ensuring that your baby is safe and comfortable. It is made with swaddle straps that hold the baby securely. The colic ensures that the baby is calm by providing instant colic relief.


This product plays a bigger role in ensuring that the baby is comfortable. The swing is strongly made to facilitate a better sleep for the baby when moving around. Everything about the product was absolutely constructed to ensure that the level of comfort is high.

Impressive design

The products normally come in attractive colors. It is also designed to accommodate both swaddle and a swing are made using strong straps. The entire swaddle has been made with a lot of creativity. It is comfortable, pretty and very attractive.

Product Benefits

  • Acts as both as a baby swaddle and a baby swing
  • Portable
  • Acts as colic cure with both benefits of a baby swaddle and a baby swing
  • Great swaddle blanket
  • Can act as a changing pad
  • Easily packed to any backpack or diaper bag
  • Ensures safety for your baby
  • Quite affordable with great use
  • Comfortable for the baby

The negative things

  • The straps might be harsh on your hands when you carry for long
  • Babies outgrow its way too fast. It serves for a very short time

FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Up to what age can it be used?

From birth up to 6 months

  1. Does it swaddle the baby too tightly?

It is not tight but it is good when you swaddle

  1. Can you buy a stand to use with it?

No, it is meant to be portable and can be used by hand

  1. Can a baby sleep in it?

Made to swing the baby to sleep and then you transfer him/her to the crib

  1. Does your hand get sore when using?

No it is meant for use in a short amount of time

Final Verdict

From the foregoing discussion, it is clear that KidCo Swingpod Infant Portable Swaddle swing has generous operating parameters which makes it an ideal investment for persons taking care of little ones and a perfect gift for every new mom.

With unmatched durability, it is designed to last long at the same time keeping the baby very comfortable. The swaddle blanket and its ability to calm a colic baby make it outperform the competition.

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