Featuring a high-quality portable swing, Ingenuity ConvertMe Swing is a graceful swing in which portability, affordability, durability, comfort, and versatility has been fully achieved.

It is very safe for the baby ensuring that the baby will not fall off and the seat will not slip causing injuries. Exclusive to this frustration-free design are 5 swing speeds which allow you to choose a specific swing speed depending on the mood of the baby.

With the Arsenal of outstanding parameters, the elegant seats outperform the competition. It is, therefore, a must-have for every parent with a little one.

Ingenuity ConvertMe Portable Swing Review


Ingenuity ConvertMe Portable Swing
Ingenuity ConvertMe Portable Swing
Comfortable and Versatile

In point of fact, the ability of a baby to stand discomfort is very low. Actually, just a little discomfort will make the little one keep crying.

The ergonomic construction is designed with knowledge to ensure that the baby is 100% comfortable, thanks to the skillfully positioned headrest that is removable.

The ergonomic design is very flexible. Actually, will serve you from when the baby is a day old until they are 9 months. The sturdy construction is virtually indestructible.

This assures that the portable swing will serve you for as long as you need without any frustration. Other than a portable swing, it also serves as a baby’s bouncy seat.

Soothing motion

While some people do not like moving about, babies love it when they are being swung. The elegant design has a soothing motion that varies in terms of speed.

The 5 swing speeds allow you to adjust the temple to suit your little one ensuring that they are always comfortable.

The product achieves different motions, from relaxing vibrations to more vigorous swings. This serves as a perfect parent as it keeps swinging the little one endlessly. When the baby sleep, the swing serves as a bouncy comfortable seat.


Traveling with little ones is a challenge to most people. In fact, sometimes some people prefer not to travel at all. Ingenuity ConvertMe Portable Swing has been designed with you in mind.

It is lightweight weighing around 4.082 kg (9 pounds) Which makes carrying it easier. The lightweight design is foldable which not only makes it very easy to travel with but also makes storage easy.

The collapsible design is, therefore, one that will serve you all the time, whether it is in your house or it’s a visit to a friend without straining.

Hanging toy

After purchasing a baby seat, what comes to our mind next is a toy to keep the little one engaged. Even after purchasing it, positioning it is still a challenge as the baby keeps falling it to the ground and then trying to reach it.

However, this elegant design comes with a fascinating hanging toy that ensures the baby is always busy all the time.

Since the toy is hanging, you do not have to struggle to help the baby hold it. The toy is expertly positioned to ensure that the baby does not strain or make too many movements which would in turn cause discomfort

Quiet and secure

One of the most caregivers’ nightmares is a baby falling especially from a seat. Nevertheless, in this ergonomic design, the feet are designed with the expertise to ensure that the seat does not slip. The non-slip feet ensure that the baby is always secure.

Ingenuity ConvertMe Portable Swing is quiet. As a matter of fact, with this design, you will no longer have to deal with the irritating sounds of moving parts.

In addition to the whisper-quiet technology, the portable swing has eight melodies that are very gentle thus soothe the baby. This is complemented by 3 sounds of nature that keeps the little one relaxed and amused.


Wash the fabric gently and with cold water. The fabric should not be bleached whatsoever.

The sturdy design has hybrid drive technology which causes the batteries to last longer. Drained batteries in this product cause erratic operation that is very capricious such as dimming lights and even movements. This calls for battery replacement immediately any of the functions fail.

Why should you use Ingenuity ConvertMe Portable Swing?

Saves space

It does not take a lot of space. The product is well designed to take very little space horizontally but a little bit more vertically thus giving room for more space for other things.

Impressive design

The reason why most mums will prefer using Ingenuity ConvertMe Portable Swing is because of its compact size. The excellent design of the product makes your room look appealing. After use, you can fold it perfect for storage.

Quality service

It gives the baby all the comfort and entertainment you may think of. The seat is quite okay and this gives the unit a thumbs up.

The toys on it make the baby happy and playful. Although the vibration is not such powerful enough it is okay for the baby to feel it and be comfortable in it.


It offers a friendly environment for the baby. The noiseless working motor makes the baby feel okay and sleeps for a longer time while the sound and melodies soothe the infant so quickly.

The easy fold legs also give many conveniences in traveling. The fabric and the cozy seat become so friendly to the baby-making him/her feel comfortable.

Nice, Awesome and Secure

The product from its appearance is very nice and appealing. The way it is made is also very secure for the baby as the baby cannot be hurt or be in any danger whatsoever. You can have the baby and do other things without any worry about the safety of the baby or his/her whereabouts.

Product Benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Assures the safety of the baby
  • Easy to assemble
  • It is cute
  • Portable
  • Easy to clean up
  • Can be converted to seat on swing lock
  • Easy to fold up
  • Great sounds and songs
  • No working noise

Negative Things/Cons

  • The swing is very slow
  • Uses batteries only

FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can the noise sound be heard?


  1. How long does it take for the battery to drain out?

Some of these products are battery-operated only. In everyday use, the battery can drain out after 2 months.

  1. What is the age range of the babies being carried?

Can be of any age

  1. Can an AC adapter be used for this swing?

No, this swing uses only batteries

  1. Does the seat vibrate as well as the swing?

Yes the seat vibrates as the swing

Final verdict

Babies are very delicate. This implies that all the items that are designed to be used by little ones should be maximally secure and unquestionably comfortable.

This baby swing has achieved this fully. It is made of a sturdy fabric that stands for regular cleaning thus upholding the much-needed hygiene.

With unquestioned durability, the seat is one that will serve you all through without frustrations. It is unisex, making it a perfect gift for every new mom regardless of the gender of the baby.