How to hang a baby swing from a tree?

A decent backyard can never be complete without an outdoor swing hanging on a tree. Swings not only provide a place for your young ones to play but also carry lifetime memories with them.

It is therefore very crucial to ensure that swings are properly installed so as to guarantee safety. You also don’t want to damage the tree from which the swing hangs. It is therefore important to select keenly the method through which the swing is tied.

As we have said, the baby swing can be hanged on the backyard tree. This is effective because you will not be buying the kit. Kids with ages between 9 months up to four years old can use this swing comfortably.

How to hang a baby swing from a tree?

Hanging the baby swing does not require a lot of tools. It only requires a few things put together. But it is important to do proper planning to ensure that you get the right materials.

Hanging it as required keeps both the baby and tree safe. The following guidelines will help you understand the procedures used to hang your baby swing perfectly.

Choosing the tree

While it may sound easy to hang a swig from a tree, different factors need to be put into consideration. For instance, it is essential that you expertly select a tree and to be more accurate the branch on which the swing will hang from.

However, there is nothing to worry about as we will take you step-by-step to ensure safety is guaranteed.

Tree type – oaks are the most suitable for swings but since you may not have it in your compound, just ensure that the tree selected is sturdy. Fruit trees are a no-go zone since their branches tend to break easily.

Size of the branch – the branch should be horizontal, a diameter thick enough to accommodate the weight of the swinger, and again not too high off the ground

Condition of the branch– after selecting the branch, a thorough inspection should be carried out inch by inch from the stem to the tip of the branch. It should not have any sign of disease or infestation by a pest.

Note: A swing should never be hanged on a dead or dry branch whatsoever!

1st Step

There are majorly two methods that you can use to hang a swing. In both methods, however, a rope is one of the essential requirements. The effort of choosing the most suitable branch would be watered down if a low-quality rope is used.

So the first thing to look at is the rope. There are a large variety of ropes that you can buy. It is advisable you choose one with the highest ratings regarding the weight it can hold.

2nd Step

This entails simply tying the rope around the branch. Precautions to ensure that the ropes do not cut should be taken.

This method easily damages the bark of the tree. Rubber tubing should, therefore, be used to reduce friction.

Alternatively, you can use a rope sleeve. Also, be sure to use a slip knot that loosens when the swing is not in use. This allows the tree to grow freely without any damage.

This method is very easy and with all the requirements at hand, it only takes minutes to set up.

3rd Step

This method may be a bit complex but with this simplified guide, it is in point of fact a walk in the park.

First, drill a hole vertically through the center of the branch. The hole should not be too close to the tree trunk. If the swing is a tire or a disk swing, you simply need just a single hole.

However, for the rectangular swing, you will need to drill another hole. To increase the stability of the swing the distance between the two holes should be bigger than the length of the swing.

4th Step

Insert the eye bolt shank from the underside of the branch through the hole you drilled until it appears on the surface of the branch.

Fasten it onto the branch using a nut and a washer ensuring the eyebolt bolt cannot fall off the branch. Repeat the process on the second hole.

This should be done with a lot of care since they will be the one holding everything. All the weight will be pulling on these bolts so it’s important to ensure that they are securely put in place.

5th Step

Lastly, attach a quick link or an s-hook to the eye hole. This is where you will tie your carefully selected rope. You can use a metal chain instead of a rope. Tie them tightly and confirm to ensure they are also in place.

This method is the best regarding the health of the tree. The branch over time grows around the shank of the eye bolt making it even firmer which is actually a plus.

Safety tips

  • Replace worn out ropes after a period of time
  • Ensure that the knots are tight to avoid accidents
  • If the branch is damaged, move the eye bolts to another suitable branch
  • Untie the swings and store them appropriately to increase durability

Final Verdict

Outdoor swings can be very dangerous to swingers if not installed carefully. In fact, we cannot stress enough the importance of setting them up with expertise. The above guidelines offer extensive knowledge that is crucial when installing outdoor swings.

After you install them skillfully, it is very imperative that you keep a close eye on them to ensure that they are safe.

Remember that the tree branch is live and is prone to becoming weaker with time. When all this is strongly considered, you are confident that your swing is 100% safe.

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