If you have a Fisher-Price swing that suddenly stopped working and keeps turning off, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Swings are one of the most popular baby toys out there, and it’s easy to see why. They provide a fun, safe place for your little one to play and relax. But when your swing stops working properly, it can be frustrating – not to mention dangerous.

Whether it is Snugapuppy or any other Fisher-Price swing, the most likely reason for the swing to keep turning off or not turning on or swinging too slow is associated with the motor. In my review of various models by Fisher-Price, motor issues tend to be a common problem.

The first step to fixing your Fisher-Price swing is to identify the problem. Do you see any loose parts? Are any of the wires or cords frayed or broken? Has something gotten stuck in the mechanism? If so, take a look at the owner’s manual for instructions on how to repair it.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to try to fix the problem yourself before taking it in for repair. In this guide, we’ll walk you through some common causes of swings shutting off unexpectedly, as well as some tips on how to troubleshoot them. We’ll also show you how to disassemble the swing if necessary so that you can clean or replace any parts that might be causing the problem. So keep reading for all the info you need to get your swing back up and running like new!

How to Fix Fisher-Price Swing Not Working:

Below are 10 ways you can try to fix a Fisher-Price that is;

  • Not turning on
  • Keeps turning off when switched on
  • Swings slowly or too fast
  • Does not swing

Let’s get started with fix #1.

1. Check the power source:

Make sure that your swing is plugged in securely, or if it’s battery-powered, make sure that the batteries are installed correctly and still have juice. The new version of Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Swing has the option of being powered by AC or by 4D batteries. I found the batteries not to entirely power this swing as it kept stopping after a few minutes and I suggest switching to AC Power if you’re having trouble with your Fisher-Price swing turning on or staying on/when it keeps switching off. My guess is that the power from batteries is not strong enough to power several functionalities in Snugapuppy swing such as 6 swing speeds, 16 soothing songs & nature sounds.

Your batteries may also be out. The Snugapuppy uses 4D (LR20) alkaline batteries similar to the one below that you can get a pack of 12 cells on Amazon for $17.

How to Fix Fisher-Price Swing Issues - Not Powering,Slow & More

Amazon Basics products such as the battery pack above are giving significant competition to other brands. See the Lighthouse battery pack of 2 selling for a similar price as Amazon’s pack of 12.

How to Fix Fisher-Price Swing Issues - Not Powering,Slow & More

2. Inspect for faulty wiring:

If you have a wired swing, check the wires for fraying or damage. If any of these signs are present, it’s best to take the swing into a repair shop. A common wiring short circuit occurs mostly in the metal tubing/frame when the wire’s insulation fails. In some cases, even frayed wiring can cause the swing to turn off and not work again.

3.Check if there are problems with the power button:

One of the reasons for Fisher-Price swing not to start entirely or to have a malfunction in the swing speed is related to the problems arising from the power button. Not sure if its the wiring or the design which is causing the problems but I ended up returning my Fisher-Price because of this. I could hear some clicking sound when the music is off and would recommend you take the swing to a repair shop if the power button does not seem to work properly.

The noise level of this product really depends on how you have it set up. I personally don’t find it too loud, but there are times when I can hear clicking and other strange noises. The power button also seems to be having some trouble – almost like the wires are loose. Additionally, if you’re not careful with stabilizing the legs on this product, it will sway back and forth; we use ours on carpeting and still have slight movement at times.

4. Inspect the Motor:

If your Fisher-Price swing is still not working, it’s likely that there is a problem with the motor. Open up the swing casing to examine the motor and any other components that might be causing the issue.

How to Fix Fisher-Price Swing Issues - Not Powering,Slow & More

Make sure all wires are properly connected, free from corrosion or damage. If you see anything out of place, contact a professional for repair.

The motor is in the sort-of-square white casing shown in the snapshot below;

How to Fix Fisher-Price Swing Issues - Not Powering,Slow & More

Remove the two top screws and the spring;

How to Fix Fisher-Price Swing Issues - Not Powering,Slow & More

Below is an image of the motor exposed;

How to Fix Fisher-Price Swing Issues - Not Powering,Slow & More

The motor is the object similar to a car plug (but bigger) with a yellow top. Below is another close-up image;

How to Fix Fisher-Price Swing Issues - Not Powering,Slow & More

You’ll need to replace the gear in your motor (the yellow part) and it pops out easily.

You can get the entire motor replaced. LOok for motor # RF-500TB-18280 RF-500 DC Motor with output of 6 volts. I found one on ebay for $8.25 but can also check on Amazon here.

5. Clean & Lubricate Moving Parts:

If you find that the motor is fine, and all wiring/connections are ok, then chances are that some of the moving parts just need to be cleaned & lubricated.

Remove the plastic coverings and check for any dirt or debris blocking the moving parts. Clean away any dust or grime with a cloth dampened in warm soapy water find that some of the parts are rusty, you can use a metal brush to clean them. Once they’re cleaned and dried, apply a thin layer of machine oil or motor oil.

6.Reset the Swing:

To reset the swing, unplug the power cord and plug it back in. This should reset the Fisher-Price swing to its original settings. You can also reset specific settings such as speed,

-seat the fuse inside the power plug to reset it.

7.Check the AC Adaptor:

If possible, try replacing the AC adaptor with a new one. This can help fix any problems you may be having with the power supply. Here is a link to one on Amazon. Most Fisher-Price swings come with an AC adaptor that looks like the image shown below:

How to Fix Fisher-Price Swing Issues - Not Powering,Slow & More

Check the output of your charger and make sure it matches your swing’s requirements. If the AC adaptor is not supplying enough power to the swing, it can cause problems with the swing’s performance. Note that the Battery/AC switch on the swing must be toggled to AC input for the swing to function with the adapter.

8.Check for Imbalance Issues:

Price swings are designed to work optimally when they are evenly balanced. If you find that your Fisher-Price swing is not sitting correctly, check for any imbalances and adjust the legs of the swing accordingly. This should help fix some problems with speed or movement.

If your child is too heavy for the swing, it will cause an imabalance and make a squeaky noise. Make sure you check the maximum weight limit on your Fisher-Price swing and stop using it once your baby exceeds that number.

9. Check for assembly errors:

If you recently moved or stored your Fisher-Price swing, it’s possible that some of the assembly was done incorrectly. Check all screws and bolts to make sure they are tightened correctly. If anything looks amiss, review the product manual for correct assembly instructions and follow them precisely.

10. Contact Fisher-Price Customer Support:

If none of still can’t figure out why your Fisher-Price swing isn’t working, you may want to contact Fisher-Price customer service for help. This is their US phone number: 866-812-6518. Their Standard Business Hours are on Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM Eastern Time.

How to Fix Fisher-Price Swing Issues - Not Powering,Slow & More

You can also create a case on their website here;

How to Fix Fisher-Price Swing Issues - Not Powering,Slow & More

Fisher-Price Swing Blinking Light:

If you see a flickering or blinking light on your Fisher-Price swing, it is likely an indication of low batteries, loose connection or power issue. Try switching to AC power and see if it fixes that. If it its fixed when you switch from batteries to AC, then you’ll need to replace your batteries. Also, check the connections and make sure they are secure. If needed, you can use pliers to tighten them up. You can also try unplugging and plugging in the power cord again to reset it.

How to fix Fisher price swing too slow:

A common issue parents have with Fisher-Price swings is that the speed settings are faulty. The swing has been known to change speeds without the setting being altered, which can be quite annoying and scary for parents. Others have complained that even at high-speed settings, it is still really slow.

One way to fix this is to first rule out any issues with the power sources. Check that the adapter is not broken or the batteries are not low. When you rule those out, and still experience slow speeds, you could try resetting the swing. To reset the Fisher-Price swing, unplug the power cord and plug it back in. This should restore the Fisher-Price swing to its original settings. You can also reset specific settings such as speed, seat angle etc from within the app or on the control panel if available.

Fisher-price swing mobile clicking fix:

If your Fisher-Price swing is making a clicking noise when it moves, then the gears may be out of alignment. This can happen over time from normal wear and tear. To fix this, you’ll need to remove the plastic coverings and check for any dirt or debris blocking the moving parts. Clean away any dust or grime with a cloth dampened in warm soapy water. If you find that the gears are misaligned or broken, then it’s best to replace them with new ones. You can find the appropriate parts for your model number on Amazon or eBay.

Once all the components are cleaned and lubricated, inspect the entire swing to make sure everything is in good working order. Re-assemble the swing and make sure all bolts, nuts and screws are tightened down properly. Plug it back in and test it out to see if the clicking noise has stopped. If not, then you may need to seek out a professional repair service or contact Fisher-Price customer support for further assistance

How to replace Fisher-Price Swing Motor:

If your Fisher-Price swing’s motor is not working, you may need to replace it. To do this, first you’ll need to locate the model number of your swing. It usually can be found on a label or sticker located somewhere on the outside of the swing. Once you have the model number, you can find the correct motor replacement part online.

Unplug the power cord and remove all screws or bolts that attach the motor to the swing frame. Disconnect any wiring, then carefully remove the old motor from the unit. Install your new motor following the instructions of your user’s manual. Securely fasten all screws and bolts back in place. Reattach the wires to the new motor and plug the power cord back in. Test your swing to make sure it is working properly. If needed, you can adjust or tighten any belts or screws for optimal performance.

Note that if these troubleshooting tips do not work, then it is best to contact Fisher-Price customer support

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