If you are looking for a way to clean your Mamaroo, then you have come to the right place. Here is how to do it quickly and easily.

Before going through the steps to clean Mamaroo, below are some basic info;

What is Mamaroo?

Mamaroo is a baby swing and lounger that can be used in multiple positions. It can bounce and sway like a traditional baby swing, but it also reclines to become more like a bouncer or an infant seat.

The Mamaroo was invented by Mary Koes and Fred Hopke and two other Carnegie Melon alumni who won the Invention of the Year Award from Parent Magazine in 2011. They are behind 4mom, the company that makes Mamaroo.

Why Clean Mamaroo?

You want to take care of your baby’s health, so it is important that you clean the area where they are laid. This will ensure that no dirt or bacteria can build up in the fabric and escape when your baby gets too hot.

What You Will Need To Clean Mamaroo

  • – Mamacow Baby Bottle Soap (recommended for this project)
  • – An old toothbrush (not your own obviously!)
  • – Towels and wipes

Before you start cleaning, make sure to remove the fabric from Mamaroos frame. Then, you can begin washing it. Apply a liberal amount of soap to the fabric and let them soak for about 20 minutes, then wring them out and hang them to dry.

When they are almost dry, you can use an old toothbrush to scrub the surface of the fabric in circular motions until all dirt is gone. Then wipe down with a clean towel or wipes .

You can also follow these steps for your Mamaroo’s frame. Make sure not to use too much force when scrubbing, or you may damage the frame. When all soap has been washed off, wipe down with a towel to dry.

You are now ready to put your baby back in their clean Mamaroo! Read Mamaroo vs baby swing here.

Below is a step by step process to clean Mamaroo summarized:

1. Remove any loose dirt from the surface of the fabric with a vacuum cleaner or cloth.

  • 2) Spray the fabric with water mixed with detergent in a 1:10 ratio (so one part detergent per ten parts water).
  • 3) Rinse thoroughly by spraying again with clear water so all residue has been removed
  • 4) If necessary, repeat steps 2-3 until no more bubbles appear when sprayed
  • 5) Dry completely before using again

You can also check out this guide on how to clean baby swing.


Q: How often should Mamaroo be cleaned?

A: It is recommended to be cleaned once a week, but if you baby spits up in the product or has an accident , then it should be cleaned immediately.

Q: How long does Mamaroo take to dry?

A: This varies depending on how much water was used during cleaning and also depends on humidity. It could take anywhere from 2-4 hours to dry completely .

Q: Is a toothbrush necessary?

A: It is not essential, but it makes the process easier.

Q: Are there any fabric types that are not safe for Mamaroo?

A: No, any fabric is safe for Mamaroo.

Q: Is it possible to remove the color from fabric when washing?

A: Yes, if you have an issue with colors bleeding together in the machine this can be prevented by using Mamacow Baby Bottle Soap .

Q: Does this method work for the Mamaroo2?

A: Yes, it works on both models of Mamaroo.

Q: What is a good detergent to use?

A: A good detergent can be any type of soap that you would normally wash your clothes with. Just make sure to avoid any soaps with perfumes, dyes or other chemicals. Mamacow Baby Bottle Soap is recommended because it has natural ingredients and is specifically made for baby products .

Q: Is the Mamaroo safe if cleaned?

A: Yes , you can clean your Mamaroo without worrying about safety issues.

Q: When should I start cleaning Mamaroo?

A: You should start cleaning your Mamaroo as soon as you begin using it, to ensure that no dirt or debris builds up.

Q: What is the best way to clean the fabric on the frame of the Mamaroo?

A: First , spray with water mixed with detergent in a 1:10 ratio. Then, use a damp cloth to wipe the surface of the fabric in circular motions until all dirt is gone . Wipe with a dry towel and let air dry completely before using again.

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