Soothe the comfort of your baby to the optimal level with the aid of this Fisher-Price Cradle ‘n Swing. This “apparatus” aids in swinging your baby side-by-side and forth-and-back at a fair degree.

Nestling your baby in it would succor your baby to develop mental capability aside from having funs. The manufacturer provides functions on it that nannies and guardians can utilize in the apt operation of the unit.

As a matter of fact, you don’t need to constantly buy batteries, why? Because it’s a unit that works flawlessly with 120 AC power output.

Additional features that would intrigue you is the inclusion of 12 songs – great sound, great rhythms.

In fact, the movement and the intensity of the speed that the cradle goes is determined with the functions on it. The cradle is padded in a way to provide full support on both sides so as to keep your baby safe.

The seat is covered with deluxe material and there is head support so as to keep the baby snug in it. The clothing, on the other hand, is machine washable.

In conclusion, one thing you’d love about the unit is that it would develop your baby holistically. It’s one that you shouldn’t let go if at all you just need an instrument that your baby can play with.

However, let’s check out the 5 amazing features of this product.

Fisher Price Cradle ‘n Swing Review | 5 Major Features

  1. Locomotion

This is a product that cradles your baby with its safety harness and at the same time lull your baby to maximum comfort. It can swing your baby in 2 different methods. As a matter of fact, the 2 methods of locomotion are back-and-forth and side-by-side. Of course, it’s a piece of baby equipment that’s automated. It features buttons at the top which a user can easily leverage on in switching between these methods of locomotion. Nonetheless, the buttons even regulate the intensity of the movement. Indeed, there are six levels that you can use for determining the rate of speed at which the unit should swing.

  1. Performance

Of course, during the locomotion, your baby is bound to be in optimal comfort. There is 2 recline position on this unit with head support that’s also padded. What this ‘unit’ does specifically is that it uses lullabies to lull baby during naptime and night period. Not only that, but this also rocks baby to soothing them into the best state of mind. The intensity of the sounds can be regulated just like the speed. While the cradle swings, the cradle safeguards the baby, regardless of the size of the baby’s, so as to maintain a scintillating period. The programmed tones on it involve nature, already composed songs, and so on. There are buttons at the top which users can utilize in switching from one tone to another.

  1. Friendly Design

The unit can be found in different designs. However, this product, specifically, is called Snuggabear but one of the available options is Snuggpuppy and snuggabunny. Nonetheless, the difference between them is the design. The dimension of this product is 35.43 x 37.8 x 46.06 inches and it weighs 25 pounds. Just as it has a top that comprises of multiple functions, there are legs. And at the tip of its legs, there are taps which make its use superb. In fact, with the availability of the 9 buttons at the top, you can be sure of the ease use of the unit. Of course, every section of the unit is coated including the seat. Indeed, the seat can be adjusted into 3 positions. So, it’s definitely one that you can trust with your baby.

  1. Method of Use

This is a product that you can decide to use either with a 120V power outlet or a battery, depending on your most preferred choice. Of course, one would have to set it up before it can be used. And setting it up is absolutely easy with the inclusion of the two screws and bolts that comes with its delivery. Of course, there is a manual that comes which is absolutely comprehensive and easy to use.

Artistic Decorations

There are mobiles on this product with toys all attached to the unit itself. All these make their use superb. The toys are made of arrays of color so as to invite the interest of your baby. In addition, it comes with an adapter which makes it usable with DC power sources. It’s one that can be used at any point, anywhere of the house.

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Why Should You Use Fisher Price Cradle ‘n Swing?

  1. Machine Washable

The material used for its clothing is removable and highly washable with machines. It has head support also which is very much washable. So, it’s a product that’s designed in a manner that you’d always keep your baby in sound health always. Read our guide on how to wash baby swings also

  1. Easy to Save

It rocks your baby with all dexterity and swings with all manner of expertise. Nonetheless, it’s one that you can flawlessly save in homes and offices simply because it’s lightweight. The legs even fold easily for storage.

  1. Affordability

The fact that it’s commodious for babies that weigh huge makes its use unbeatable. It costs less than $150. It’s definitely one that you’d enjoy its use.

  1. Lullabies

The variety of songs and sound programmed on the unit would provide ultimate comfort to your baby, trust me. They would stand in as a comforter while you’re absent from them. It’s an innovative design.

  1. Adjustability

This is a product that you can adjust your baby’s recline and positions in different forms. Of course, the harness it comprises of is an additional feature in keeping your baby safe while using the product.

Product Benefits

This product has a 2-recline position with a commodious seat.

The product has toys on it which are made of colors.

The unit enables your baby to be rocked, swung, and moved.

There are a variety of songs on this unit.

The functions of the unit can easily be pressed.

The product is highly affordable and reliable.

It’s a lightweight unit that can easily be lugged from one place to another.

The Negative Things


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Does this come with a manual?

Answer: Yes, it does. The manual makes it very easy to use.

Is this backed with a warranty?

Answer: Yes, it’s backed with a 1-year warranty.

Does this unit has a mobile?

Answer: Yes, it does.

Is its padding replaceable?

Answer: Yes, it is.

How dependable is the service of the manufacturer?

Answer: Very much dependable.

Final Verdict

This product that’s made by Fisher Price is absolutely one of the products that ever emerged from their companies. Over a thousand of users have recommended this to prospective users. The product is valuable and it’s one that you can use for a long period of time.

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