4 Reasons You Should Buy Portable Baby Swing

It shouldn’t surprise you why there is a rapid growth of swings around the world. Simply put, people, parents mostly, have found out how owning a swing can be good both for them and for their kids. And we know how young kids can benefit from it, even the older ones. From physical activity to knowledge and entertainment, swings can really help your kid learn and have fun at the same time. But what with the babies? Since they are so small could they use swings as well? Sure they can. We bet you saw a baby swing once. You maybe didn’t know if its good for them, but you did see it for sure. It kind of looks like a “walk helper” for babies – so it’s on wheels but instead of just a seat in the middle, a portable baby swing has a swing at the centre. Sounds familiar?

Even if you still don’t know what we are talking about, no worries. You can check about baby swings on the Internet and see all about them. If you want to know more about what are the best portable baby swings out there, we talked more about it in a separate article so you can read all about it there. But, we advise that before finding more about baby swings and what are the best on the market, first you should read this article since we’ll be talking more about the benefits and reasons why you should get a baby swing in the first place. Of course, if you don’t have a baby you can still read it since you’ll learn some new stuff. And who knows, maybe you’ll get a baby in the near future.

Anyways, the main topic in this article will be the reasons behind buying a portable baby swing. Reasons are subjective and thus we might not cover all of them. But, since we know all about swings, we do have some experience when it comes to advising you. And as a plus, all the reasons listed below are proven and probably most common since we talked to a lot of parents. If you want to let us know something is missing on the list, feel free to contact us and tell us what you think. This list isn’t fixed and we can add new stuff in a blink of an eye.

4 Reasons You Should Buy Portable Baby Swing

1. Physical Activity

For sure, some of the reasons on this list will overlap with the same ones when it comes to buying the regular swing. One of those reasons is physical activity. It’s just because the swings are made for this purpose. As with older kids, babies need regular physical activities as well. Don’t let the fact that they are babies fool you. In fact, some surveys tell us that babies need even more activity on a daily basis than young kids. And, to be honest, the way your baby behaves in the first one and a half or two years is crucial to set the way they’ll behave in the future. What does this mean? Simply put, if your baby lays all the time and just eats, chances are they will do the same thing in the future. Which is no good. Babies need to crawl. To play around. To try to walk and fall. A million times. It’s all part of growing up and you might not believe it, it works for their body in a high degree. Every physical activity is important since their bones aren’t developed and the same goes for their ligaments and muscles. That’s why having an extra activity where your baby can spend their time and get a little sweat can be more than helpful. And yes, this is where swings shine the spotlight.

Being so simple, you may think that swings can’t really make your baby tired. Wrong. They can and they do that with ease. When babies swing, what they love about it is the momentum it gives to them. So wobbling around is something they really like and by doing it constantly they need to move their body and spend energy. Which means they are doing some kind of physical activity and thus they get tired with ease and fall into sleep. And this is where we come to the second reason – why you should buy a swing.

2. It Can Help Them Sleep

We all know how babies have trouble when it comes to sleep. It can be exhausting for them but as well for you as a parent. All the sleepless nights when you needed to comfort them or help them fall asleep. We can all sympathize with that and thus, portable baby swings can help you a lot with this matter. This point is directly connected to the one mentioned above. We said that when the baby swings, as with other physical activities, they spend energy and therefore they will feel more tired. Being more tired means they will fall asleep more easily and in some cases, they might fall asleep while they are in the swing itself. The momentum is similar as when you take them and tap them on the back and swing little by little with them in your arms. You know the drill right? 

So, if your baby has issues with sleeping, let them swing a little. They won’t even notice it, but eventually, they will close their eyes and just enjoy the swinging motion.

3. It Can Make Them Occupied

Being a baby is hard. You want to be in the centre of attention, and since you don’t know how to talk you can’t really express what you feel or what you want. So you cry. And the people around you, they are weird. They want you to stop crying and therefore clap their hands or snap their fingers in front of you. They think that’s amazing and that by doing so, you’ll stop crying. But, if someone gives you a good toy or plays an interesting cartoon on television, well, that’s another story. You might stop crying and focus your attention on that toy or on the TV.

Now that we know how babies work (kind of) we can connect their behavior to the swings. Since they shift their attention from one thing to another in a matter of seconds, swings can offer them quite an entertainment and the swinging motion will keep them occupied for a while. What does this mean for the baby? Well, they will have something to do and probably won’t cry. Even though this isn’t long-lasting, it’s better than nothing. And what does this mean for you as a parent? Well, you’ll get some time off. Being a parent isn’t easy and you need to be on the tip of your toes all the time. Which can be very exhausting. If your baby is occupied for some time, that means you’ll have more time for yourself and to relax a little. If, thanks to God, the baby falls asleep while in the swing then you will probably celebrate.

4. You Can Feed Them More Easily

Feeding a baby is hard as well. They often move around and you need to mimic an airplane in order to get them to open their mouths. And, it’s not unusual that while you try to feed them, you get your food all over the place. And then you become furious but yet again, remember that it’s your kid who you got angry at. But he/she is just a baby. Then you relax a little. And probably smile. But, there is a way to completely delete the part where you become furious. And just to smile all the time. Yes, swings can help you out.

If you place your baby into a swing, they won’t have a lot of space to move. They will stay fixed in the seat and it’s going to be way easier for you to mimic an airplane and get them open your mouth. If they swing a little at the same time, it can be even more encouraging for them to eat since they will be entertained. If you have your TV on with their favorite cartoon, then you’ll hit the jackpot. Say goodbye to the food all over the place and a crying baby.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Portable Baby Swings?

Why you shouldn’t do it? To be honest, there aren’t any reasons for this. Swings aren’t very expensive and knowing everything mentioned above we think it’s obvious that owning a portable baby swing can bring you some benefits. From having a decent physical activity, helping them fall asleep, make them more than occupied and helping you as a parent to have more time for yourself, swings offer really a lot for your whole family just to pass it by. And as a plus, when your baby grows up, most swings have an adjustment option and that means they can go into it even if they are bigger. And if they outgrow it, you can just pass the swing next to your friends.

Ingenuity Baby Swing Doesn’t Swing: How to fix it

Do you have an Ingenuity baby swing that’s stopped swinging? In this article, we show you how to fix it.

If you’ve got an Ingenuity baby swing that’s stopped swinging, the problem might be one of several things. It could be a faulty motor, or something else completely unrelated to the actual swing itself.

How to fix  Ingenuity Baby Swing that Doesn’t Swing

#1. Check Batteries

The first thing to do is check whether the batteries are working properly. It is possible for your Ingenuity swing to only play music and not swing if the batteries are running low. You should also check that the batteries are inserted correctly into the battery compartment.

If you’re using AA batteries, we recommend using alkaline batteries rather than rechargeable ones. Rechargeable batteries can lose their charge quickly, and this can cause your Ingenuity swing to stop working.

Go for type C or D batteries as they have a longer life. Energizer has great batteries on Amazon that you can get if you realize that the batteries are running low. You should note that one of the complaints of Ingenuity swings such as the Ingenuity 5-Speed Portable Baby Swing with Music is that it runs out of batteries fast. It can drain the batteries in less than a month.

#2. Inspect the Motor

If the batteries are fine, then the next thing to check is the motor. It’s possible that the motor has burned out and needs to be replaced. To check this, you’ll need to open up the bottom of the swing. There should be a small hole that you can use to unscrew the plastic panel and remove it. You can then inspect the motor to see if there is any damage or signs of overheating.

To replace a damaged motor, you’ll need to take your swing back to where you purchased it from if it is still under warranty. The store should be able to help you get either get a new motor or get a new Ingenuity swing altogether.

If your swing is out of warranty, you might need to look into getting a replacement motor yourself. There are some great options available on the market, that you can get for less than $100.

#3. Clean the Motor

If the motor looks to be in good condition, then you should try cleaning it. This is a fairly simple process, and all you’ll need is a can of compressed air. You can use the compressed air to blow any dust or dirt out of the motor. Once you’ve done this, try turning on your Ingenuity baby swing and see if it starts working again.

#4. Check the stationary lock feature:

One common issue that can cause your Ingenuity swing to stop swinging is the stationary lock feature. This is a safety feature that is designed to keep the swing from moving when your baby is not in it. However, if this feature is accidentally turned on, it will prevent the swing from moving even when your baby is in it.

To check if this is the issue, you’ll need to look for a small red switch on the bottom of the swing. This switch is usually located near the front of the swing. If this switch is in the “on” position, then it will be preventing the swing from moving. Simply turn the switch to the “off” position and the swing should start working again.

If you can’t find the switch, or if it is already in the “off” position, then this is not the issue.

#5. Check if the Sensor Alignment:

Some Ingenuity models use the hybridrive technology which has sensors that need to be aligned for the swing to work. There are usually two sensors, one on either side of the motor. These sensors need to be pointing towards each other for the swing to work properly.

If they are not aligned, then the swing will not be able to detect when your baby is in it and will not start swinging. To fix this, you’ll need to open up the bottom of the swing and realign the sensors. Once they are correctly aligned, your Ingenuity swing should start working again.

The main cause of this sensor alignment issue stems from a poor assembly of your Ingenuity swing. You need to verify that your assembly is in accordance with the manual and should be able to see if the magnet of the seat is aligned with the sensor on the base.

#6. Try pushing it

Some parents have found success in pushing the seat – especially those without the sensors. You should try pushing the seat with your hand to see if it will start swinging.

#7. Get customer support

If none of these solutions work, then you may need to reach out to customer support for your Ingenuity baby swing. They should be able to help troubleshoot the issue and offer recommendations for fixing it. Oftentimes, a simple reset or firmware update can resolve common issues with Ingenuity swings.

Here is the link to the customer support page.

Ingenuity Baby Swing Doesn’t Swing: How to fix it
How to Store Baby Swing

How to Store Baby Swing

When you’re not using it, storing your baby swing can be a little confusing. You might not know where to put it or how to keep it from taking up too much space. Here are some tips on how to store your baby swing properly.

First, remove the mobile and keep it in a safe place. If you buy a new mobile for storage purposes, don’t forget to take that into account when you calculate your total baby swing cost . This way, when you get around to using the swing again (it does get old for parents after 5-6 months), you’ll have a mobile ready to go!

If you don’t remove the mobile and store it separately, keep in mind that it will be hard to find. It might even get lost and never used again if you leave it attached while storing your swing. You can hang the mobile on a wall or put it in a separate drawer.

Next, in order to store your swing in a small space and not damage it (or anything around it), bring the seat down to an almost-flat position. To lock it in this position, turn the knob on the side so it locks into place. If you want to keep baby’s toys attached during storage, you can roll them up and store them in the pockets of the seat.

Lastly, if you have a swing that plugs in with an AC adapter, remember where you’ve plugged it in so you can easily find it when you want to use it again. To keep your baby swing safe during storage, unplug it after all these steps are complete.

how to pack away a baby swing

When you’re getting ready to move, not only will box packing be necessary, but swing packing might also be. To pack your baby swing away safely for the big move, keep the following tips in mind:

If you have a non-plug baby swing with batteries inside, remove them before boxing up the swing. Keeping the swing plugged in while moving can cause battery acid to leak inside your baby swing, which can damage it.

Do not break apart the frame if you are packing it into a smaller box. It will effectively ruin the swing and make it difficult for you to set up when you get to your new home. If you have a cloth mobile that was not removed, remember to pack it with the frame.

If you have a swing-operated mobile, store it in a safe place so that you can find it easily when you get to your new home. Remember to take the batteries out of the baby swing if this is an option on your model, too.

How to hang a baby swing

When you’re taking your swing down, keep these tips in mind:

Make sure to remove the mobile. Letting the mobile stay attached while you take down the swing can make it hard to find once you set up at your new house. Keep it where you’ll be able to see and use it upon setting up.

Hang the swing where you’ll want it to go again when you get settled into your new home. As long as there are no overhead beams or pipes, finding a spot for your baby swing should not be difficult. Think about what kind of wall space is available that won’t cause any problems during playtime with baby.

If you will be hanging the baby swing somewhere other than on a wall, use the hooks that come with the baby swing to hang it securely and safely.

Don’t forget to reattach any toys or mobiles if they were removed for storage purposes! Your baby might enjoy new toys again when they get older and ready for playtime.

What are the best places to store a swing?

There are several different places where you can store your baby swing, including:

A wardrobe or clothes dresser drawer A kitchen pantry An empty corner of a room An empty closet shelf A toy chest in your child’s bedroom

Different swings come with different types of storage options. If you have a battery-powered swing, for example, the mobile might be able to detach so it can be stored separately. However, there are also swings that come with AC adapters that must stay plugged in during storage, so this is something to check before putting the swing away.

How do I store a Graco baby swing?

To store a Graco baby swing, first disconnect the AC power adapter from your outlet and then detach any other M components. Next, bring down the seat to a flat position and lock it into place by turning the knob on the side. You can then roll up or store your baby’s toys in the pockets of the seat if you don’t have a baby swing with detachable toys.

If you have a Graco baby swing that does not have detachable toys, remember to keep the mobile in a safe and accessible place so you can find it easily upon setting up at your new home. If you use batteries for your baby swing and plan to store it long-term away from home, remember to remove them before putting it away.

How do I store a Fisher-Price baby swing?

Remove the mobile toy and store it in an accessible place. If the toys are too bulky for storage inside of your baby swing, you can also use netting that comes with Fisher-Price swings to keep the toys together.

Lift up on the seat to remove it from your Fisher-Price baby swing’s frame, and then turn the power switch off. The AC adapter should be removed as well.

Baby Swings that Lay Flat

There are many different types of baby swings on the market, but one type, in particular, has been gaining a lot of popularity lately. The baby swing that lays flat is perfect for newborns and infants because it provides a more comfortable position for them to sleep in.

Many parents with newborns and infants know how difficult it can be to get their little one to sleep in a regular baby swing. But when they discovered the baby swing that lay flat, their problems were solved! Many of these swings include a removable sleeping insert so that babies who cannot yet hold up their heads on their own can still enjoy swinging in soothing motion.

A major benefit to the baby swing that lays flat is that it can be used well into infancy, allowing parents to do work around the house or take a break with their older children while the little one snoozes in her swing. But many parents are not sure which brand of baby swing they should invest in, so this review is designed to help them do just that.

Features to consider when picking the best baby swing that lays flat:

·          Removable sleeping insert: Some parents prefer to have this feature because it makes the swing usable for small babies who cannot yet hold their head up.

·          Weight minimum and maximum: Parents need to know how much their baby weighs so that they can select an appropriate swing, but some parents also need to know the lower and upper weight limits for safety reasons.

·          Power: If parents choose a battery-operated swing, they need to know the types of batteries it needs and how long they last. Electric swings save on costs in this department but require an outlet.

·          Seat fabric: While some parents prefer the look and feel of plush, others prefer the ease of cleaning afforded by mesh. The fabric will affect how easy it is to keep the swing clean, so some parents have a preference.

·          Folding design: Many swings are designed to fold up for easier storage while not in use. Most can stay in one place but need to be moved once in a while.

·          Attachment options: Some parents prefer not to permanently affix their swing to the wall or crib because they may want to move it around. A hanging strap with hooks is sufficient for these parents, but an option that can be securely attached with screws is better for those living in rentals.

Baby Swing Brands with Swings that lay Flat

Graco is a well-known brand of baby swing for good reason. They offer a wide variety of styles and designs at different price points that allow parents to find the perfect fit no matter their budget. The Graco Sweetpeace Soothe N Groove Portable Swing and Rocker may be the best baby swing that lays flat simply because of its versatility. Parents who need a swing and rocker in one will appreciate this model, which can be used from birth until the baby reaches 50 pounds! It even has a removable insert for small babies, so it gets the job done well into infancy and beyond (for sleep and play).

The Graco Sweetpeace Soothe N Groove Portable Swing and Rocker requires two D batteries, which are included. This model can be plugged in or run on batteries so parents have options for where they place it without worrying about cords getting tangled up. And the seat fabric is plush, easy to remove, and machine-washable for hassle-free care.

Graco also makes a wide variety of standard baby swings that lay flat. The Graco DuetSoothe Swing and Rocker, for example, can be used from birth until the baby reaches 30 pounds. It is designed with a comfy seat, soothing vibration options, nature sounds, music, six speeds for adjusting to baby’s preferences, and an overhead mobile with soft toys.

The Graco DuetSoothe Swing and Rocker runs on three D batteries and has a removable newborn insert to use in the laying-flat position for infants who cannot yet hold up their heads. It is also available in several stylish patterns parents will enjoy when buying this model as a gift for baby showers, birthday parties, baby registry, and more.

The Graco DuetSoothe Swing and Rocker offers three swinging speeds to keep baby happy for hours whether at home or on the go. It folds up easily for storage when not in use, so parents who need it out of the way without taking it apart can simply fold it flat. And it also has an extra-large storage basket below the seat for keeping baby’s favorite toys close at hand.

Other Graco baby swings that lay flat include the Graco Glider LX Gliding Swing , which has six speeds to choose from; the Graco Simply Soothe Swing, My Little Snugabunny , which has ten soothing different speed and sound options and a plush body support system for comfort; and the Graco Portable Swing-2-Seat, which can be used as a swing or rocker. Parents also appreciate that some of these models lay flat, so they provide both sleeping and playing options in one convenient location.

The Evenflo LiteMax baby swing is another option that lays flat. The stationary three-point harness is designed for safety, and the overhead toy bar is removable or adjustable according to parent preferences. The seat pad can be removed for laundering, which some parents appreciate, but others find it time consuming.

The Evenflo LiteMax baby swing requires four C batteries (not included) to run on six swing speeds and six different sound options. While it is not the best baby swing for sleeping, many parents still say their babies fall asleep easily in this model when placed in the laying-flat position. The seat pad also has a unique quilted design that adds to its appeal and comfort for tired babies who need to rest or play.

Since babies need a lot of different items during the early days and months, finding a baby swing that lays flat is often crucial to parents’ peace of mind. Whether for sleeping or playing, babies quickly outgrow an infant seat. A laying-flat position is recommended by pediatricians as one way to reduce the risk of SIDS, so parents who want safety and convenience in one will appreciate the variety of baby swings that lays flat.

Baby Swing Cover Replacement

You may not realize it, but your baby’s safety is one of the most important things to you.

In fact, it can be a major concern for new parents that don’t know exactly what they’re doing or have been in the market for something to protect their little ones from harm. This blog will provide some insight on finding the best swing cover replacement and how to put them on safely. We’ll also talk about some great brands of these products so you can find one that fits your needs perfectly!

How To Decide If You Need A New Swing Cover Replacement:

You can tell if your baby swing cover replacement is needing to be replaced by several factors. If it has become ripped, torn or visibly damaged in any way, then you should replace it right away. Other things to check for are holes, fading and stains that cannot be removed through washing.

When To Replace The Cover:

Depending on the damage your baby swing cover replacement has, you may need to replace it sooner rather than later. If there are holes in the design of the material, then flies and other insects can get inside of the seat (this is especially dangerous for babies sleeping in their swings). The reason this is so concerning is because if an insect crawls into your baby’s ear while they are sleeping, then there is nothing you can do to get it out. Insects could also carry diseases that can be dangerous for babies to come into contact with.

Another reason to replace the cover immediately is because of how much damage has been done to the material. If your baby swing cover replacement has several holes in it, then there is nothing to absorb wetness and keep your baby dry. This can become very dangerous in the event that your baby wets themselves while they are still inside of the swing.

How To Put On A New Swing Cover Replacement:

When putting on your new cover, you want to make sure that it is securely attached. This is done by feeding the safety strap through both sides of the seat and then clipping it together.

You also want to make sure that the straps are not too tight, as this can cause damage to your swing or pinch your baby’s skin when they move around inside of their seat.

Why You Should Upgrade Your Swing Cover:

The main reason you should upgrade your baby swing cover replacement is because they can be dangerous for little ones. When holes and tears are allowed to exist, then bugs and water can get inside of the seat and cause damage. Water especially is a problem because it can seep into the material of the swing, which can create mold. This can lead to babies developing respiratory problems and other issues over time.

Here is some general information on baby swing cover replacement:

● You should check for holes and tears immediately

● You should never put a cover on too tightly, as this can damage the swing and pinch your baby

● Upgrading your cover can prevent bugs and water from potentially hurting your baby

● You can look for a cover replacement made of specific materials to fit your swing’s needs, like mesh or plush

If you’re looking to upgrade the safety features of your swing, then find a new swing cover replacement that fits your baby’s swing perfectly. You don’t want your baby to be uncomfortable or unsafe while they are inside of the seat, so make sure you have a new cover waiting for them when they are ready to come home!

Replacement Part for Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Cradle n Swing 

Replacement Parts with from Fisher-Price is a Genuine Replacement Part that fits the My Little Snugabunny Cradle ‘n Swing. This pad is made of polyester material, which is soft and cozy for your baby to rest on. The head portion of the pad has a built-in support pillow, while the body section has a fabric lining that keeps your baby’s back supported. It comes in a sealed plastic bag – as received from the Manufacturer.

Ukje Cover for 4moms mamaRoo 

Ukje’s soft, stylish and easy-to-install covers for the 4moms mamaRoo baby swing and rockaRoo will keep your little one comfortable and stylish all year round. Ukje means baby in Dutch, and our covers are designed and handmade in Europe to the highest quality possible. All our mamaRoo covers carry the STANDARD 100 label by OEKO-TEX — one of the most respected and trusted labels for product safety. They have been thoroughly tested and approved by OEKO-TEX.

Baby Sleeps in Swing but not Crib

When it comes to getting a baby to sleep, many parents turn to swings. Swings can be a great way to get a baby to calm down and fall asleep. However, what do you do when your baby is ready to move out of the swing but not quite ready for a crib? Keep reading for some tips on how to help your baby make the transition from swing to crib.

Swings are often a good way to help get your baby to sleep. In fact, many babies associate swings with falling asleep and being put down to sleep. Swings have been shown to be effective in helping babies fall asleep faster and allowing them to stay asleep for longer periods of time [1]. However, while this may make it easy to get your baby to sleep, what do you do when it’s time for them to move out of the swing but they are not quite ready for a crib? Keep reading for some tips on how to help your baby make the transition from swings to crib safely.

What to do when baby sleeps in swing but not crib:

1. Start getting them used to the new sleep arrangement

The first thing you want to do is start putting your baby in their crib or pack-n-play for naps and at night when they are drowsy but still awake. This will start helping them get used to being in a different place while sleeping.

2. Set up the crib or pack-n-play in the room where the swing is

The next step is to set up your baby’s new sleep area where their swing currently is. By having their new sleep arrangement already set up in the same room, they will start associating that location with falling asleep and being put down for bedtime.

3. Gradually have less time in the swing

Gradually start shortening how long your baby spends in the swing. This will help them get used to being awake in their new sleep location for longer periods of time. By having less time in the swing, you are also making it easier to fall asleep since they aren’t spending as much time in the swing.

4. Once they have been doing well in the swing for naps, start moving it to a different room

Once your baby has been doing well with being awake and falling asleep on their own at nap time while still in the swing, you can move it into another room during naps. This will be a good way to help start getting them used to being in a crib or pack-n-play for naps while also giving them the comfort of the swing that they have grown accustomed to.

5. Once they have been doing well at night, move it into their bedroom

Once your baby has successfully transitioned from swings to crib during nap time (and you are sure they are not going to roll out of the crib), you can start moving it into their bedroom and prepare them for transitioning from swings to a crib at night.

6. Transitioning from swing to crib at night

The final step will be transitioning your baby from the swing to a crib or pack-n-play at night. While this step is generally recommended after they have been successfully transitioning from swings to a crib or pack-n-play during naps, you may want to do it earlier if you plan on co-sleeping.

If your baby starts waking up at night and crying for the swing, just put them back in it until they fall asleep. If this becomes a pattern, you can start picking them up and putting them right back in the swing every time they wake up. This will help them learn that they need to go back to sleep on their own as it will be harder for them to fall asleep if you are putting them back in the swing every time they wake up.

What not to do when baby sleeps in swing but not crib:

1. Don’t try to transition them from swing to crib at night too early

Many parents will try to transition their baby from swings to a crib or pack-n-play at night before they are ready for it. While this can speed up the process, having your baby wake up and cry for the swing every night can cause some serious sleep regressions. Make sure your baby is making the transition successfully during naps before transitioning them at night.

2. Don’t let them sleep in it for too long

While letting your baby spend more time in the swing will help make the transition easier, you don’t want to let them fall asleep in it for too long. This can cause them to be overtired and have a harder time falling asleep on their own. Try to limit the amount of time they spend in the swing while awake and if they fall asleep, try to wake them up before putting them in bed for the night so they won’t be overtired.

3. Don’t move them to a “big bed” too soon

When transitioning from swings to crib or pack-n-play, many parents will start making the conversion by moving the baby’s sleeping location to a big bed. This is not recommended as it can cause more problems than it solves. If your baby falls asleep in the swing but wakes up crying for the crib, they won’t know how to fall asleep or stay asleep in their new bed. You would have to keep bringing them back to the swing every time they wake up until they learn how to sleep on their own in their new sleeping location.

4. Don’t let them nap in swing for too long

Many parents will also try to transition their baby from swings to a crib or pack-n-play at naps while keeping them in the same location. This generally makes the process longer because your baby will still be trying to fall asleep in the swing when they are actually sleeping. If you move it into another room, this will help them learn that they need to sleep on their own and can’t rely on the comfort of the swing.