A new member has arrived in your little family. You want to make sure he or she is given the best love and care possible by purchasing new baby equipment for them to enjoy. When it comes to baby swings, you want to make sure they’re safe as possible and aren’t allowing any harm to your newborns’ fragile bodies.

Can a baby swing too fast?

 The answer is yes. The baby can also experience damage to their brain if they’re swinging too quickly in combination with other factors. Here are a few below:

  • Swinging in an unsafe brand of swing
  • Spending too long in the swing
  • Adding different distractions to their swing
  • Age of the baby

If your child is swinging at a higher speed, it can start to damage their brains while still trying to form.

To prevent any harm to your child, I’ve decided to give you more specific details regarding the above baby swinging factors. I’ll also highlight what exactly you should keep in mind and consider when caring for your baby in its swing.

What Happens When a Baby Moves Too Fast?

If a baby is moving quicker than its brain can handle, this can result in the damage of its brain cells. It can keep them from eventually forming and developing. When a baby is being moved around too quickly, this can form Shaken Baby Syndrome, known as SBS or SBIS (Shaken Baby Impact Syndrome).

There have been several studies conducted discussing more on Shaken Baby Syndrome. Scientists have discovered the true cause and what can be done to keep it from happening to your baby.

This syndrome is an injury or damage happening to a baby’s brain that can keep it from forming as a baby’s brain is known to be incredibly fragile and delicate. This is often an intentional injury that many doctors have found is caused by the parents or caregivers of a child. It normally happens to the baby out of frustration when the baby won’t stop crying or making unwanted noise.

Babies’ heads are known to be fairly large with incredibly weak neck muscles, making it difficult to hold a baby’s head up. This is why a quick motion can make a baby experience whiplash or more damaging pain to their head. When a baby is swinging in a swing, however, they are normally protected in the confines of the swing, so it is more difficult for them to gain SBIS from a swing.

Best Swing Brands To Use

Since different toy makers and manufacturers are well aware of the damaging impact swinging can do on your baby, most have made their product meet the necessary standards to keep SBIS from occurring. Below are the two swing brands that are the best to use as they make sure not to let your baby swing too quickly.

Fisher-Price Swings

While many parents have used the swinging method to keep their baby sleeping and happy, it’s actually not the smart way to go. Babies should not be sleeping while they are swinging. If they do fall asleep, don’t let them stay snoozing in the swing for a very long amount of time. They need to stay in a stable position so your baby’s brain can remain in a restorative state.

This is why many parents love the swings that Fisher-Price creates. They include a timer so that the baby won’t be swinging for an excessive amount of time. Babies also aren’t supposed to swing in too many motions so that this swing will move only in a back and forth motion.

The speed you can set this swing at is the recommended speed for most babies, so you shouldn’t run the risk of swinging them too fast with this brand.

Graco Swings

These swings are also instructed with the baby’s developing brain in mind. They are also catered to babies that are larger and older. Their motor makes sure to maintain speeds depending on the age of your growing baby. It will move at the back and forth motion and won’t let the child move too fast.

These swings also contain harnesses to keep the child secure and safe inside of the swing while it is moving along.

How Long Can A Baby Spend In A Swing?

A baby’s brain and body are meant to stay in a stable position. When it comes to soothing, however, the baby can benefit from swinging if it’s done for the correct amount of time. Allow your baby to swing for 30 minutes at a time. They should be swinging for half an hour, then taken out to lay in a position that is no longer moving.

Babies are prone to dizziness, which can damage and harm their brains further. If you keep them swinging for an excessive period of time, this can just keep their brains from developing further. Don’t ever let them fall asleep in their swing for hours at a time.

Should I Buy A Swing With Different Attachments or Accessories?

When it comes to baby swings, less really is more. You want to keep your little guy or gal entertained throughout the day, but not necessarily in their swing. This is time for your baby to relax and feel soothed. You don’t want them to become overwhelmed with the number of things happening at once.

If a baby is swinging and looking at different distractions, this can cause their brain to feel overloaded, so they can become uncomfortable and overwhelmed. When their brain is still forming, you don’t want it to become distracted with other things. This is why you don’t want the swing to contain the following:

  • Swings moving in motions other than back and forth
  • Colorful toys or swing decorations
  • Toys or mobiles that can easily be grabbed and eaten by the baby

Does The Baby’s Age Factor Into Swinging Time And Speed?

The amount of time your baby spends in a swing is usually the same no matter what age the baby is. As mentioned earlier, you’ll want to keep a baby in the swing for approximately 30 minutes every few times a day.

The ages your baby will be allowed to swing at are from the ages of one month to four months. According to the American Academy of Pediatricsit’s advised to keep your baby under four months seated in a reclining position. If your baby is over four months and still swinging, they should still be okay to swing. You should eventually wean them off of this habit.

When you’re determining the swing speed of the child, start at the lowest setting on the swing when they’re younger. If a baby is only a month old, it won’t be able to handle a high amount of speed all at once. As the baby gets older and its brain develops more, it can handle quicker speeds.

Consider trying to adjust the speeds to a higher level as each month goes on. Make sure to keep an eye on your baby to make sure they aren’t experiencing any type of discomfort during their swing time.

Making Sure Your Baby Doesn’t Swing Too Quickly

When it comes to the safety of your child, this is something you want to be extra cautious about. This is why you need to go above and beyond to make sure your baby’s brain is constantly growing.

You can do this by following the above guidelines to make sure the swing’s brand, speed, and attachments are all in accordance with the safety of your baby. If you pay attention to these factors, you’ll continue to have a happy, healthy, and growing child.