4 Benefits of Indoor Swing

Swings have a place in everyone’s heart. It’s a common thing in everybody’s childhood and even in adulthood, many people like to sit in one and give it a try. That’s why they are so popular and even though the concept hasn’t changed for years, they are the main thing in every schoolyard and entertainment park around the world. 

And this trend hasn’t gone under the radar for many manufacturers around the world. People are evolving and so are their habits. Therefore, they are no longer satisfied to wait for good weather if they want their kid to enjoy some swinging outside in the park. And thanks to manufacturers, we now have indoor swings. They aren’t so different from the regular swing, and the way they work is the same. The whole thing about them is that you can enjoy this activity whenever you like – in the warmth of your own home for example. 

More and more people are starting to see how indoor swings can be great for your kids if they are hyperactive or just if they want to have some fun but it’s raining outside. Apart from that, indoor swings have a few more benefits and therefore, in this article, we’ll talk about all of them in this article. We’ll see what makes indoor swings so special and how they can be a better activity for your kid than, for example, playing video games.

1. Health

We all know that nowadays kids don’t really value activities as we do or as our elders did. In the modern world, it’s all about phones, tablets, and social interaction on the web. And this is okay, but only if you don’t overdo it which is sometimes hard to explain to the kids.

If you own a swing in your household you can up the amount of activity your kids have. Even though it may sound amazing that swinging can work your body, it actually is true. Specific research is conducted on this topic and what it showed might force even you as a parent to start swinging regularly. This study showed that 15 minutes of swinging can burn up to 300 calories.

It might not sound as much but when you think about it, it’s pretty amazing. It turns out that if you want to swing you need to put a lot of force into it in order to speed up and you do that with your legs. Moving your legs constantly to do this is actually pretty tiring and it will make you sweat real fast.

Since we’re talking about surveys, American Health Association has come to an understanding that a normal kid needs at least 1 hour of activities in order to be healthy. Since swings get your whole body worked up – joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons, it comes as a no-brainer that indoor swing is a perfect solution if your kid lacks proper activity. 

So, if your kid doesn’t like football, basketball, volleyball, and basically any other type of activity, place them into the swing. They will have lots of fun and they will be active at the same time so you kind of hit two flies with one swing. 

2. Motor Coordination and Knowledge

Even though swings are simple and fun, they can be extremely educational as well! If you don’t believe us, know this: “Scholastic” found that kids who utilize school playgrounds with various toys, among them swing as well, have better perceptual skills, motoric coordination, and spatial awareness. They also have better hand-eye coordination and the list goes on and on. It might not sound like a lot on its own and a bit marginal, but when they are growing up, all these things tend to show sooner or later. Your kid will be better at sports and in overall activities where the work of their mind and body is required. So, if your kid can get some fun and knowledge with the help of a swing, why don’t you already own it?

One more aspect where swings show their hidden potential is knowledge. Now if your kid is a toddler, this pretty much won’t apply to them. You can read more about swings for babies in a separate article and find out exactly why it is good for them to have one near. But, if your kid is a bit older and understands some simple concepts of maths and physics, the swing can be a great tool to deepen that knowledge even more. First of all, the way the swing works is by converting potential energy to kinetic energy. Simply put, when for example, you pull the seat of the swing and kind of “load it” you create potential energy. When you release, the movement is created and thus – kinetic energy. When you use your legs to add power, or in other words, go higher, you yet again create kinetic energy. Other factors contribute to the speed of the swing as well. Think of gravitational force. If you don’t “pump” your legs and add momentum, the gravity will do what it’s supposed to do, and eventually you will slow down and stop.

Knowing all this, you can explain some basic principles of physics with the help of a swing. And yet again, apart from being fun to use, swings can be pretty educational as well. Even though science is kind of a big deal for most kids and they don’t like it, we are sure they will like professor swing. 

3. Parent’s Well Being

It’s not just the kids who profit from owning a swing. If you are a parent, owning a swing can be a great thing for you as well and we will list some of the beneficial aspects below:

  • When your kids are playing on the swing they will be occupied and will always have something to do. Therefore you won’t need to look after them all the time and you can have some time for yourself. 
  • We all know how it can be hard to put a kid to sleep. Swings can help you here as well! As with any other activity, constant swinging will make your kid tired and thus it will make them fall to sleep with ease. More sleep for mama and papa!
  • This one is important. We all know that some kids have different “disorders” and swings can help here as well. It can improve their concentration, make hyperactive kids a little less active and it goes even beyond that. Swings have been used in SIT therapy to help relax children with developed mental issues. A big plus for the swing. 

4. Decoration

If you are all about decoration and feng-shui then adding a swing to your household might be a good idea. First of all, have you ever seen a swing in any of your friend’s houses? Exactly. It’s extremely uncommon and uses that to your advantage. Since it isn’t found in most places, if friends come to your house or your kid’s friends, they will be amazed by it. And as a plus, there are so many beautiful-looking indoor swings available on the Internet that you will spend hours researching all of them.

Also, you can make some good pictures of you or your kid thanks to the indoor swing. We know it’s all about social media and most moms have either Facebook or Instagram so if you bought a swing for your baby, why don’t use it to create a spectacular photo? Your friends will adore it and will probably ask you to take photos of their own in your place.

And to end, indoor swing can serve as a little “storage” when you don’t have time to tidy your house. You can place books on it or some pillows that you don’t use often and basically any other rarely used things. They will look good and it won’t seem like such a mess. 

Swings As A Best Friend

Hopefully, after reading this article you’ll understand why swings are so important and why more and more parents place an indoor swing inside their households. Swings have so many benefits that it was really hard for us to pick some of them without mentioning the other ones. From activity to educational aspects and parental well-being as well, swings are really a lifesaver in some situations. They can also serve as a decoration so if your husband opposes buying one, you can prove to him that you will use it even more than he expected. It’s also a great place to relax for a bit yourself (be aware that some swings are just for babies). So without further ado, visit our pages where you can find indoor swings and hopefully get one for yourself! We promise you won’t regret it and that from that point, both the life of your kids and yourself will get better and better. Oh, and when the nice weather occurs, feel free to take your swing outside and enjoy some of that great sun (if your swing is portable). 

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